Cavity Wall Tie Repairs

Cavity walls are commonplace in buildings erected since the start of the 20th Century, and were designed to improve protection from natural elements and reduce unnecessary heat loss from the property.

Cavity walls consist of two walls, tied together at strategic intervals with a special wall tie, usually made of metal coated in zinc or bitumen. In the 1980s it was discovered that these wall ties deteriorate more quickly than was anticipated, meaning that many properties are now suffering from problems such as stepped and horizontal cracking of the masonry or mortar and bulging walls.

BDS Southwest specialist surveyors are experienced in diagnosing wall tie failure and can recommend the best approach to rectifying the situation. Remedial wall ties can be installed by our expert technicians. These ties are made from a high grade material that will not corrode or rust, meaning the wall will be left stable and secure for many years to come. Cosmetic repairs can be made to ensure that that appearance of the wall is not altered due to the installation of remedial ties.

Wall tie failure is not the only cause of destabilisation and cracking. Movement of a building caused by physical or natural events can lead to the brickwork and mortar cracking and becoming unstable. In the past, there were few options for remedying such defects and they could be both unsightly and expensive.

Today, however, we can offer a range of masonry reinforcing solutions that provide cost effective, concealed and nondisruptive solutions to masonry stabilisation. Repairs can be carried out using lengths of highly engineered helical steel that are inserted into the mortar beds at precise intervals to 'tie' the building together.

Wall Surveying

Using specialist detection equipment, BDS Southwest surveyors are experienced in locating and assessing the condition of existing cavity wall ties, and will be able to recommend the most suitable method of remediation. Once replacement wall ties have been fitted, the wall will be left stable and secure.